Molly Enholm is a contemporary artist, writer and art historian, and creator of the art history online resource and news aggregator, Art Cites (www.artcites.com). Molly teaches Modern, Contemporary, and Global art history at CSU Northridge and Moorpark College. She has also taught Theory and Criticism at the Laguna College of Art + Design.  Molly has contributed to several publications as a freelance editor and contributor, including Art + Cake, Fabrik, ArtScene, Hi-Fructose, TheArtStory.org, Visual Art Source and served for nearly a decade as managing editor of the contemporary art publication, art ltd. (2008 – 2017). She recently curated “Yvette Gellis: Omnipresence or Chance” at the CSUN West Gallery.

Please note: the current website hosted at artltdmag.com is not affiliated with the previous contemporary art publication. This advertorial website has been posting marketing articles for the Amazon Affiliate program falsely attributed to “Molly Enholm,” which do not represent the words, thoughts or intellectual property of the author. Please do not consider the material currently posted on this website, since the print publication closed in June 2017, to reflect in any way my endorsement for these products. 

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