Chrissy Angliker and Ann Lofquist at Craig Krull Gallery

chrissy angliker

“Magic Hour on Sunset Beach,” 2017, Chrissy Angliker. Acrylic, ink and house primer on canvas, 30 x 40”  Photo Courtesy of Craig Krull Gallery.

French artist Eugene Boudin may not be a household name today, but reverberations of the 19th-century artist’s legacy as both artist and teacher clearly linger through today, as evidenced in the sun-drenched compositions of Swiss-American painter Chrissy Angliker. Boudin’s depictions of tranquil beach scenes and sea-bathing sessions were among the earliest to capture this new, and increasingly doctor-prescribed, activity of the burgeoning upper class. These paintings of sun-filled afternoons were also quite influential to his far more famous mentee: Claude Monet. For both of these artists, painting en plein air and capturing the elegant nuance of light and leisurely activities of the modern world would remain a lifelong preoccupation. …


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